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Premium Durian

Duricious Sdn. Bhd. also known as Dking was established since 2009 and specializes in Durian (the King of Fruits). As one of the pioneers in the Malaysian durian industry, we aim to not just deliver the best durian products but also a common value in providing quality and premium durian.



Dking was proud to serve the President of China – Pres. Xi JinPing during his official visit to Malaysia. The full series of Dking’s durian products and local fruits were served to Pres. Xi JinPing and other leaders who have attended the meeting.


On the same day, the former Prime Minister of Canada – Pres. Stephen Harper also attended the meeting. “The King of Fruits” and a series of Dking’s products were proudly introduced to the Prime Minister.


When the Former President of Turkey – Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an official visit to Malaysia, Dking was proudly invited to provide the internationally famed local fruit, Durian. A full series of durian products and local fruits were served to Pres. Tayyip and other leaders who have attended the meeting.


Former President of America – Pres. Barack Obama also made a visit to Malaysia to attend a meeting with the Former Prime Minister of Malaysia – PM Najib Razak. Dking’s durian fruit and also a series of durian products were served during the afternoon tea for the leaders.


Dking was also invited to witness the Alibaba IPO ceremony in Hong Kong. Alibaba invited the top 10 customers to ring the bell at the ceremony. Dking was the only representative from Malaysia.

Throughout our long branding journey in the durian industry, we established a spectacular brand that has captured the voice of our local and international durian lovers as the name of Dking had been fully entrenched into their hearts. When they think of Durian, Dking will be their first choice.

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“超棒的口感! Q弹不黏牙,吃在嘴里唇齿留香,让人回味无穷, 一家大小都爱不释口!!!!! 榴莲控一定要买!”
Weng Seng Phang
“Very good service, fair price... highly recommended”
Louis Lew
Facebook Page Fan
“榴莲冰皮月饼和 mochi 都非常好吃,我的家人都用抢的,大家吃了都念念不忘,真的太好吃了”
Wendy Tan
Durian Lover