Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Commitments

Your leading Premium Durian exporter in Malaysia


“To Make Everyone love Durian”

We are committed

With the mission engraved in our mind and soul, we are passionate to promote the “King of Fruits” to the rest of the world. In the pursuit of promoting the greatness of durian, we hope to make more people fall in love with the fruit and us as a brand.


“To be the World’s First Renowned Durian Brand in the year of 2029 ”

By 2027,
we aim to export one hundred thousand tons of Durian worldwide while achieving 10 million followers from various digital platforms.

"Think of Durian, Think of DKing!"


Honesty & Integrity

The best policy to acquire trust is honesty and integrity. With trust, business is much easier as we are committed to delivering what was promised to the Suppliers, Customers, and Shareholders

Team as Family

We believe that a team that backs up and supports each other will be one that could go the extra mile. All of our teammates are treated as family members and we work in a harmonious and welcoming environment. This contributes a good vibe the workspace. There is a saying “If you want to go far, go together.”

Innovative & Fun

Innovation is one of the essential key elements to stay afloat in the market. We believe that innovation must also be fun and creative as that is what keeps our customers coming back to us.